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Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited was set up under the leadership of our director Mr. Naeem Anwar in 2003 and the company has established itself one of the leading brokerage houses of Lahore Stock Exchange. The company was able to weather the crisis of 2005 and 2008 through lean and effective practices and is now bearing fruits of its efforts in the past. Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited was the leading brokerage house trading in the Lahore Stock Exchange. After the inception of Pakistan Stock Exchange, the company has continued with its vision to cater to its clients in the best manner possible while looking for opportunities to grow. The company also takes an active role in the development of the capital markets for the betterment of the stock exchange in Pakistan.




Maan Securities (Pvt.) Limited has been a corporate member of the Lahore Stock Exchange since 2003 and is now a TREC holder of the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The company has been able to grow from strength to strength over time serving its clients and has been a participant in the development and improvement of the stock exchanges of Pakistan. Its directors have served on different committees and board of the Lahore Stock Exchange as the company feels that it has its own part to play in the growth of the capital markets of Pakistan.

Certificate Of Incorporation / Company Registration #12779/20030602.
PSX TREC Certificate Number # 223.
SECP REGISTRATION # 223/Securrities Broker/2019.
NTN # 1615940-3.






  • Maintaining and strengthening the success of clients’ finances is a complex task in this business and implementing effective financial strategies is an important part of this process. Our role at Maan Securities (Pvt.) Limited is to augment clients’ business knowledge and vision with the specialized expertise of financial advisory professionals. Our strategic planning guides our financial advisory and investment management philosophy.





  • Commited to develop our intellectual capital to achieve excellence in sevice quality.
  • Dedicated to building a long term relationship based on trust and prudent practices thereby creating an environment of financial seccurity.
  • Develop strategy for optimizing resources to generate sustainable growth in profit while making a positive contribution to the community we line in.




  • Auditors:

ShineWing Hameed Chaudhri & Co.
Chartered Accountants,
HM House, Bank Square,

  • Legal Advisors:

Pakistan Law Associates
Hajvari Complex,
2 Mozang Road,





  • Auditors:

ShineWing Hameed Chaudhri & Co.

Chartered Accountants,
HM House, Bank Square,






Naeem Anwar, Company Secretary/Director

Mr. Naeem Anwar is the current company secretary at Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited. He was the former CEO of the company before passing the mantel on to Mr. Zain Naeem. Mr. Anwar has been working in the capital markets of Pakistan for over 30 years and has been responsible in building the brokerage house from its incorporation in 2003. He has been the driving force behind Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited. Under his leadership, the brokerage house was able to stave off the crisis of 2005 and 2008 as Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited came out to be stronger in the aftermath of the crises. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Lahore Stock Exchange and has helped shape the fate of the brokerage house for the last 13 years. He is also an independent director of the company.


Zarak Naeem, Head of Operations/Director

Mr. Zarak Naeem is the head of operations of the company and is responsible for looking at the day-to-day operations of the brokerage house. He has been working in the capital markets for the last 6 years and was made a director of the company in 2016. He is responsible for making sure that the house runs smoothly and it is able to carry out its operations by facilitating the clients and the custodians of the market. Before becoming the director, Mr. Zarak Naeem was a sponsor to the company helping Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited to function and operate in the Lahore Stock Exchange and since amalgamation in the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Abdul Monam, Compliance Officer

Mr. Abdul Monam is currently the compliance officer at Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited. He has been working in the company since 2003. Mr. Abdul Monam has had professional certification from Institute of Capital Markets as and is a registered member at the ICMA. He also has a B.Com degree from University of The Punjab. His day to day workings make sure that the regulations and rules of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and National Clearing Company of Pakistan are met on a daily basis and the company is operating within the regulatory confines which have been set.

Bilal Saqib, Head of Finance

Mr. Bilal Saqib is the Head of Finance working for Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited since 2008. Mr. Bilal is tasked with making sure that the back office entries and compliance are up to date and operational. He has the task of making sure that the company is preparing its accounts and Net Capital Balance on a regular basis in order to comply with the regulations of the Pakistan Stock Exchange. He is also tasked with making sure that the back office entries are made on timely basis in order to reconcile the client’s shares and ledger balances at day end.

Muhammad Naeem, Settlement Officer

Mr. Muhammad Naeem is the settlement officer at Maan Securities (Pvt) Limited and has been working at the company since  . He is tasked with making sure that the Central Depository Company and the National Clearing Company is reconciled with the back office on a regular basis. He is also tasked with making sure that when new accounts are opened at the brokerage house, they are in compliance to all the regulations of the CDC. He carries out the settlements of trades carried out by the brokerage house and is responsible for making sure that the CDS system is up-to-date in regards to the back office system.

Mujahid Ali, Accounts Officer

Mr. Mujahid Ali is responsible for the accounts department of the brokerage house and has been working for the house since  . Mr. Ali has to make sure that the bank accounts are reconciled with the back office and that proper documentation is maintained in regards to the vouchers relating to entries being carried out. He also helps out Mr. Bilal Saqib in terms of the preparation of the accounts and updates the back office of the brokerage house with the bank and the client’s ledger balances.


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